High-Throughput Multiplex Olink Assay Menu
In addition to conventional ELISAs, Luminex bead-based multiplex assays, high-sensitivity & ultra-sensitive MSD-ECL multiplex assays, and ultra-sensitive Simoa assays, we provide high-throughput multiplex testing services on Olink technology platform to measure the following biomarkers:

Olink® Complete Protein Assay List

Olink solves several conventional protein detection challenges with a robust and elegant DNA counting solution:

1. Olink can scale to ~3,000 high-throughput multiplex assays without any change in assay specificity.
2. Olink has In-well controls for each assay step ensuring data integrity without requiring replicates.
3. Olink assays feature calibrators/controls within every well to achieve better assay accuracy and parallelism by keeping the calibrators/controls and samples in the identical assay matrix.
4. Olink assays consume only a few μl of samples thanks to quantification of the resulting DNA amplicon by microfluidic qPCR.

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