AssayGate, Inc. develops and manufactures traditional ELISA and ultra-sensitive immunoassay products for preclinical research. Our ultra-sensitive assay kits are established upon Simoa (Single Molecule Array) technology platform to detect targets difficult or impossible to measure with conventional assays. We are one of the preferred partners of Quanterix. The digital nature of the Simoa technology allows an average of 1000× sensitivity increase over conventional assays with CVs < 10%. Our assay research areas focus on protein biomarkers for tumors, angiogenesis, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, endocrinology, immunology, immunotoxicity and acute phase reactants in species including human, mouse and rat, etc

Unlike many other immunoassay kit providers, we provide our own manufactured immunoassay kits in the US. This allows us to offer unparalleled customer services and technical support.

Use Statement: All products are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Human ELISA Kits:

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