Our Mission

Founded in 2005 and based in Maryland’s I-270 technology corridor, AssayGate, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective testing services and immunoassay products with the widest selection of biomarkers and sample matrices. Our route to that purpose is through providing the most reliable multiplex testing services with Luminex’s bead-based suspension arrays, fully automated ultra-sensitive assays for targets difficult or impossible to measure with conventional methodologies, consistent high-quality manufacturing of custom immunoassay kits to meet specific assay needs, tests compatible with the most sample types including dried whole blood and saliva spot sampling, discriminatory and bioinformatics protein biomarker analysis, free storage of sample leftovers for customers’ future use, the least sample number requirement and fast turnaround time using our services. By delivering superior assay services and immunoassay kits at an affordable price, we strive to serve the life science, biomedical and pharmaceutical research communities.

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