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Position Open

Job Title: Associate Scientist

Position Description: You will be responsible for lab testing of both bead and planar protein microarrays. You will plan, coordinate and exercise studies toward optimization of multiplexing protein assay conditions. In addition, you will plan, develop and communicate concepts for reducing costs and improving assay efficiencies.

1. Evaluate prospective products technically with a focus toward fit with existing product and service lines.
2. Organize, perform, and validate new and upgraded protein array tests.
3. Suggest and communicate corrective actions to optimize test performance.

Education Level: BS or MS degree in biological sciences.

Required and Desired Skills: Experience in immunoassays, biochemistry or molecular biology is required along with technical writing, computer and communication skills. Experience in protein microarray development, bioassay optimization and validation, biological sample preparation is desired.

To apply for the position, please submit your resume to
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